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We assign referees using the on-line assigning program, GAMEOFFICIALS.NET and would like each referee to join and use this program to help us assign.  The program allows referees to enter their potential days and time availability in advance to me issuing the game assignments.  Each referee will be sent an email notifying them they have had games assigned to them.  The assigned referee will be requested to log into and accept or decline each game: (if you are assigned games that are within your entered availability time frame you are expected to accept those games).  If in the event your game schedule changes will notify you of those changes. also tracks game pay, referee certifications, club information postings like weather policies and is a great tool for the assignor to communicate pertinent information to all referees. does not cost referees anything to join or use.   

ENTERING YOUR AVAILABILITY - Please get your availability entered AT LEAST NINE DAYS IN ADVANCE (by Thursday night 9 days in advance).  ONLY put in the times you are available to be at the park (don't worry about entering the times you are not available). 

AVAILABILITY TIME WINDOW - The larger time window you enter the better the chances we will be able to find games for you.  Many referees enter a very small time frame and/or a time not consistent with game start times (Example - 9:00am - 10:30am (too short) and a park might have games starting at 8:30 and 10:00 --- the system will not let us assign any games because it is after the start time of 1st game (8:30am) and your stop time is before the end of the 2nd game (11:15am).   

If you are a certified referee, with a current 2018 certification badge, and would like games assigned to you at Steamers FC at Bethesda Park; TYSA Academy (U9--12) and Select (U13--U19) games at Granite Fields or TYSA RIAS (U14-U19) at Henderson Parks; or JM Tull Gwinnett YMCA please join the Ken Flynn Assigning group on 

To sign up please follow the instruction below:

Join through 
Most referees have already created a account (typically done when you register for the referee certification courses).  Please log on to the GAReferees site using your username and password you have already created? 
log into
--click on "My Assignors” 
--select "join New Group (click on the word - show)
--enter our Group/Assignor Number - 27 
--enter our Group/Access Code - refsoccer
--then select "Join Group"  
--Update your personal information (including address, emails and phone numbers)


If you are a current referee already using gameofficials you can simply add an assignor by selecting the "My Assignor" tab and following the instructions above. 

--click on MY AVAILABILITY and enter the available dates and times you would like to work
TIP - Enter your time for the upcoming weekend no later than 6pm Thursday before the following weekend games (9 days in advance).  Game assignments are typically issued on the weekend before so you need your availability in before assignments and made.  Once you are assigned a game you will be sent an email notification; you will then need to log into and accept the games that have been assigned. 

--click on MY PREFERENCES to enter any team conflicts, certification, or note any specific requests
Example - If you prefer working at the YMCA only please indicate “YMCA only”  

If you are not a certified referee please go to and sign up for the New Entry Level R9 or R8 referee certification course.

Thank you,
Ken Flynn



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